Hi, I'm Scott

I am constantly learning, and I hope to share some of that here.

Area User Groups: A Collaborative Approach

Lately, I've been dissatisfied with some of our Kansas City technical user groups. If the topic for the evening is interesting, I will usually go. However, when I do attend, I often leave disappointed. Why? The main reason is that these user groups consist of one or two people speaking... [Read More]

Discipline in Software Development and in Life

We require discipline in every facet of our lives. It takes discipline to practice every day to master an instrument. It takes discipline to study in college when everyone wants to just have fun. It takes discipline to eat healthily and to exercise. It takes even more discipline to run... [Read More]

CodeMash There and back again

CodeMash this year was my first. I had a wonderful time learning, splashing around at the water park, playing dominion, meeting new people, and of course eating the food. Precompilers Ruby on Rails Jeff Casimir - @j3 This precompiler was a great introduction to Ruby on... [Read More]